Stone Transitions TM- Innovative Architectural Profiles

Innovative Architectural Profiles

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills

Innovative Design Options StoneTransitions® Watertable / Sill products offer a full range of shapes, profiles and texture details to meet all your design requirements. Our colors are designed to match and compliment today’s stucco colors, natural and manufactured stone, and brick or block applications, enhancing any commercial or residential project

Durable, Functional & Easy to Install - StoneTransitions® Watertable/Sills incorporate a sloped top surface and a water diversion drip groove that directs water away from surface facing materials. Produced using a proprietary mix design that achieves a minimum 3500 psi assures you the durability required for a trim product capable of withstanding even the harshest of climatic conditions. StoneTransitions® Watertable/Sills are dimensionally square and straight for ease of layout and installation
Elegant & Maintenance Free - No painting, peeling, splitting or warping. StoneTransitions® Architectural Trim Watertable/Sills are not susceptable to rot or insect attack, and add the perfect finishing touch.

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Summit

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Normandy

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Canyon

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Coal

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Sand

StoneTransitions® Watertables and Sills - Auburn

Summit (14B)

Normandy (19B)

Canyon (12B)

Coal (16B)

Sand (18B)

Auburn (11B)

Color Option
Colors are integral and require no additional treatment or finishes.
StoneTransitions® color selections enable you to match or color coordinate with other StoneTransitions® Architectural Profiles, such as wall & pier caps, window & door trim and other architectural trim products, providing a custom look to your project.

StoneTransitions®  Sills

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