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Q.What is StoneTransitions® ?
Q. What differentiates StoneTransitions® products from other brands?
Q. Tell me about the coloring process?
Q. Where can I purchase StoneTransitions® products?
Q. How are StoneTransitions® products installed.
Q. Who makes StoneTransitions® products?
Q. How do I contact StoneTransitions® ?



Q. What is StoneTransitions® ?
A. StoneTransitions® is the registered brand name for our premier collection of Innovative Architectural Profiles. Products include a wide variety of architectural trim and functional products including a comprehensive line of wall & pier caps, watertable/sills, window and door trims, trim stones, keystones, light fixture and receptacle stones plus water bib, address stones , architectural pavers and more. All have been intricately designed for compatibility with many architectural styles and are available in the most popular designer colors to provide design continuity and functional enhancement for any residential or commercial project. UP

Q. What differentiates StoneTransitions® products from other brands of architectural trim products used with manufactured and natural stone veneers?
A . Some of the characteristics that differentiate StoneTransitions® products are as follows:

Universal Usage with both Manufactured and Natural Stone wall veneers as well as stucco, thin brick and many other wall cladding products. Engineered Design & Functionality. Each product has been designed with carefully engineered features . Consideration has been given to sizes , profiles and textures to enhance aesthetic appeal ,ease of installation and maximum functionality. For example our watertable/sills are available in 3 different profiles ( Rock faced, Traditional and Bull Nosed ) and each has a sloped top surface and distinct water diversion drip groove that directs water away from the surface of facing materials. Our Wall & pier cap options allow you to choose the correct size and profile for any project. Our Architectural trim products can be installed as “adhered veneer” without the need for anchoring or mechanical fastening typically resulting in easier installation and lower installed cost.

Dimensional Stability. Due to our molding and manufacturing processes StoneTransitions® products have superior dimensional stability compared to many precast trim products (typically + or- 1/16”). This assists in installation by making it easier to consistently line up adjacent trim pieces and results in a more and aesthetically appealing finished look. Superior Durability. StoneTransitions® products are manufactured to cast stone standards with a minimum 3500 PSI to withstand the harshest of weather conditions. The durability characteristics of our mix designs make usage appropriate with both manufactured and natural stone wall veneers.

Color Choices. StoneTransitions® colors are integral throughout the entire product and are available in seven designer colors that have been carefully selected to match or compliment all major brands of Manufactured and Natural Stone veneers and other exterior cladding materials. All StoneTransitions® products go through a controlled curing process prior to packaging to minimize color variation.

Superior Packaging: that has been designed for individual product and customer needs. Carton and pallet packaging is user friendly with regards to size, weight and quantity. Packaging materials are typically weather resistant wax impregnated materials and the use of appropriate dividers and protective padding is included to protect individual pieces during the shipping and handling process. Many customers have told us that we have the best packaging in the industry. Our years of experience in shipping custom sizes and shapes all over North America have enabled us to create state of the art packaging. Information on packaging for specific products is available from our customer service dept .

Q. Tell me about the coloring process ?
A. Color is integral throughout each product. This allows for superior color consistency. As with all natural and manufactured stone products slight variations between pieces and production runs may occur due to quarry variations or manufacturing processes and conditions. Modest color variations can enhance the overall installed appearance similar to the variations you would encounter with natural stone materials such as limestone or other masonry products. To achieve the most appealing blend we recommend laying out your materials before installation to select the most desirable look and placement UP

Q. Where can I purchase StoneTransitions® products ?
A. StoneTransitions® products are available from authorized dealers throughout North America. For information on your closest dealer contact our Customer Service Department at 707 258 3340 or email us at UP

Q. How are StoneTransitions® products installed.
A. They are installed using standard installation procedures for masonry products. Many of our products such as window & door trim, keystones, trim stones, water-bib stones, address stones and receptacle stones ect . are designed for installation as “adhered veneer ” eliminating the need for mechanical fastening or anchoring systems. UP

Q. Who makes StoneTransitions® products ?
A. StoneTransitions® products are manufactured exclusively by N.V. Cast Stone LLC. a leader in the manufacturing of premium quality Architectural Cast Stone products. NVCS has been producing premium quality cast stone products for over 20 years. UP

Q. How do I contact StoneTransitions® ?
A . Additional information is available from our Customer Service Department . Phone: 707 258 3340 Fax: 797 258 3350. Our website at provides complete information resource that allows users to view and download literature, product and technical information, and request additional information. UP

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